Equine Reproduction Classes

Equine Ultrasound

In this class you will learn how to successfully read an ultrasound machine, track the reproductive tract of a mare, detect embryos, follicles, edema and possible fluid on the uterus. Within the lecture portion you will go over the equipment and supplies needed to set your breeding program up.


Equine Embryo Transfer

This class will instruct participants in the hands-on skills & techniques associated with equine embryo transfer.   Each participant will perform an embryo flush, search for and process an embryo, and perform a nonsurgical transfer procedure. Participants will also learn how to prepare an embryo for cooled shipment.


Equine Collection & Evaluation 

Participants will receive hands-on stallion handling and management, setting up a laboratory and breeding area, preparation of the AV, and comparing a variety of AV’s.  The Breeders Assistant also includes semen evaluation, sperm counting, motility and morphology evaluation and the use of laboratory equipment.


Freezing Equine Semen

This class focuses on the development of the hands-on skills & techniques associated with the freezing and utilization of frozen stallion semen.  Each participant will evaluate and centrifuge semen, perform a test freeze and conduct post freeze motility assessment.  A portion of the lectures will focus on the process of becoming a USDA approved facility for the export of frozen semen.


Utilizing Frozen Semen, Deep Horn Insemination & Uterine Flushing

This class focuses on providing the participants with an understanding of the practices associated with utilizing cooled and frozen-thawed semen in the breeding of mares as well as the development of the hands-on skills associated with uterine flushing, deep horn insemination and the use of ultrasonography to assess follicular status and pregnancy for your own mares.


Phantom Training


Artificial Insemination

Development of the hands-on skills associated with the collection, evaluation and insemination of fresh semen in horses.